Cloud Backup for Office 365

5 Reasons You Need Cloud Backup for Office 365

Did you know… you should have a separate backup of your cloud data? But why would you need to backup to cloud storage? Here are five (5) sensible reasons you should have a reliable, professional Office 365 Backup.


  • Accidental or Malicious; data still gets lost whether you realize it or not.
  • Unrecoverable data often drives a belated decision to add backup, don’t be a statistic!

External Threats

  • Hacking, crypto-locker, theft are all ways your data can ‘go wild’
  • Any business is at risk, you don’t need to be big. Criminals can sell your data online.

Unplanned Outages

  • Computer crash or hardware failure still happens
  • Don’t lose operations because your systems are down (PC, internet, power outage)

Save Money

  • A monthly backup is cost effective when compared to true cost of restore
  • Cost of restoring or repairing after an issue is usually high
  • The downtime of systems and staff can be very costly
  • Potential loss of business if you cannot provide quote/invoice/information
  • Restoring is FAST when using a cloud-backup solution


  • No staff must ‘remember’ to swap drives or forgets it the one time it matters
  • The system backups of ALL relevant data required and reports on anomalies
  • Restore is as efficient as backup; cloud-to-cloud so less performance issues

Getting Your Own Cloud Backup for Office 365

Cloud Backup for Office 365 costs less than 30 cents a day per user, safeguarding your company data from accidental or malicious deletion, human mistakes or damaging crypto-locker attacks.
For more details contact (07) 5528 6663 or [email protected]